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  • Features
  • Double layer

    Colourful outer Layer and White Inner Layer makes the Can Strong and Sturdy

    double layer milkcans
  • Extra strength at necks

    The Neck Part is made Extra Strong to with stand the Pressure while the Can Cap is inserted

    milkcans neck
  • Smooth surfaces from inside

    The Inner White Surface has a Very Smooth Finish which makes Cleaning Easier and Hygiene, Also the Milk won't stay or get deposited on the Can.7

    quality milkcans
  • Strong Bottom for long life

    The Bottom is Hard to Withstand the Rolling and Dragging that happens in the Day to Day life of a Can in a Dairy Farm. Grooves are provided for the rough handling.

    longlife milkcan
  • Premium Plastic Material

    The Can is made of Premium Plastic Material which is Food Grade thus protecting the Milk from getting spoiled. The Can is also certified for the Food Grade Material Use.7.

    plastic milkcans
  • Highly Hygienic-keeps contents free from Germs

    LWith Smooth Surface, the Milk Won't get stuck inside the empty can and very easy to Clean, thus there will be very less Germs on the Can inner surface. 7

    milkcans suppliers


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Milk Cans are manufactured with high quality plastic material. LLPDE is made use to make the Milk Cans / Containers extra strong.

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