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Pre-Production Quality Check

We buy & use Virgin Plastic Materials from Quality Vendors with Food Grade Certification. Since Raw Materials play a Major role for the Quality of the Cans, we start our Quality process as early as the Raw Material Procurement process.

Post Production Quality Check

Strength & Load Test to check whether our Cans & Lids withstand Loads. This is done because in regular usage, Cans are placed one above another with full load of Milk.

Rough Handling & Drop Test to check the Flexibility and Durability. This is carried out by Dropping the Cans fully loaded with Water from different Heights.

Cleaning Test is also carried out to find Rough & Sharp edges inside Can, so that the people who wash the Cans donot get even a Scratch.

Leakage Test is carried out to make sure that the Milk wont leak from the Lid.

Heavy Bottom Check is carried out to ensure that the Cans can withstand the rough Drags and Rotational movement of it. Usually many Cans wear out at the bottom as the cans are always moved from one place to another by Rotating it.


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Milk Cans are manufactured with high quality plastic material. LLPDE is made use to make the Milk Cans / Containers extra strong.

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